Opened Captions for Annotated Articles - draft

A guide for journalists and newsroom developers on how to use Opened captions service to create annotated articles as done by and NPR. From hands on SRCCON 2017 workshop.

Disclaimer: this book is a work in progress. It is hosted on gitbooks.

If you want to get involved it and want to contribute to it, you can use gitbooks commenting features, change request or just reach out at [email protected].

  • You can use inline comments and discussions for high level topics and considerations.

  • Use change requests for grammars and typos.

Otherwise you can use github pull request with the github repo Opened-Captions-for-Annotated-Articles that syncs with this gitbook.

Original description of the session

"Hands on: Live fact checking TV speeches in your google docs!"

True or false?: Major political events are regularly covered on live TV, and all of them feature speakers with an agenda.

When the lens of public attention shines on politicians it is important for journalists to be able to contextualize their messages as quickly and effectively as possible. During this session we will teach participants about open source tools that are being used today by live fact checkers to create annotated transcripts. They will learn about an open service called Opened Captions and how it can be used in conjunction with google doc to get real time transcriptions of political speeches.

This is an hands on session, drawing on experience from Vox and NPR collaboration, participants will also be shown how to export the annotated speech from the google doc into a news article static web page, that could be ready for publication.

Overview & example

This open source system leverages a live stream of tv captions from the opened captions service and makes it available for editing and annotations in a google doc.

Once the annotations are ready a web article can be created using a static site generator.

Setting up opened captions with GDocs // Overview

As an example see President Trump's inauguration speech, annotated by Vox Staff on January 20, 2017

Vox annotation

Collaborative notes from session

Collaborative notes Or

slides from event

This session, documentation and resources was a collaboration between

  • Pietro Passarelli,
  • David Eads, ProPublica
  • Kavya Sukumar, Vox Media
  • Dan Schultz, Internet Archive

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