Opening EDL in video editing software

EDL is compatible with all major editing software.

  • Adobe Premiere
  • Avid Media Composer
  • Final Cut Pro 7
  • DaVinci resolve (it has a free version)
  • And any other editing software that lets you import an EDL file…

To import the EDL and reconnect the sequence

  1. Import the EDL
  2. Go to the sequence
  3. Reconnect the offline sequence
  4. Continue your editing

Adobe Premiere example

processing transcription

a Note on working with Final cut pro X

For now a workaround for Final cut pro X not supporting EDL is that you can open the EDL in Davinci resolve convert it to XML that will work with final cut X.

Align timecode in Premiere

In adobe premiere there is an option to align timecodeThe Align Timecode option is also checked by default to align the media file's source timecode to the clip being linked.

From _[_Relink offline media adobe website](

This option can be useful if you imported in autoEdit footage directly from a camcorder that might have camera time codes offsets (eg rec run, time of the day, free run etc..) as autoEdit would read the metadata of the file and calculate the offset for you automatically.
Align timecode in premiere checkbox

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