If first time using the tool go ahead and setup the STT API system first. Then add some videos or audio files to transcribe, these can then be used in the paper-edit

What is a paper-edit?

in autoEdit you can pull selections from various transcriptions, organise them into a story, and when you are done export that as a video sequence. Through an EDL file, edit decision list, that can be opened with your video editing software of choice to continue editing your video.

If you want to know more about what is paper-editing, and why should you bother, I once organised a workshop "How to craft compelling stories out of video interviews?" that focussed on the underlying evergreen storytelling principles that transcend the medium, introducing paper-editing in it's traditional paper, scissors and tape as a key story crafting technique to gain insight into the process of interviewed based documentary production. Check out this blog post for the slide notes.

1. Create a new paper-edit

Click on New Paperedit, give it a title and description (optional) and click Save Paperedit.

This will take you back to the list of paper-edits, click on the one you just created to go to the next step.

2. Select text from transcriptions

Chose a transcription on the left column.

Same as in transcription view, if you click on the word the video starts playing at the corresponding point.

In this view when you select text from a transcription it gets automatically added to the paper-edit.

3. Add selection at a specific point

As you have seen above by default your selections are added at the end of the paper-edit, you can click on a papercut to set that as insert point for the next selection.

4. Add headings to your story

To keep your story organised you can add headings/story points.

At present headings help you keep the story organised within autoEdit and are not included in the EDL export.

5. Reorganise selections

To reorder selections, drag the papercut you would like to move and drop it where you'd like to position it.

6. Delete one

To delete a selection drag it onto the bin.

7. Delete all

To delete all selection click on the bin and chose ok.

8. Play preview

click on the play button to see a preview of your selections.

9. Export

You can export an EDL(edit decision list) of the selections you have made in the paper-edit. To open as a video sequence in the video editing software of choice.

10. Reconnect in video editing software of choice

Check out this section on how to open an EDL in a video editing software of choice to get a video sequence of your selections.

Sign up to the mailing list, follow on twitter and/or facebook to keep up to date with the latest releases. Say hi at [email protected], always curious to hear what autoEdit is helping you with. it's free and open source. Free as in free speech as well as in free beer. Help support the autoEdit project to keep it that way. Support will go towards fixing bugs, adding features, provide support for users etc...

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