Setup: STT APIs - Gentle

First time setup

To use autoEdit with Gentle, Open source offline speech to text service, you need to download a separate app to run along side on your mac. First time you launch this version of the app it will download the language model to work offline.

  • 1.Download Gentle
    • Gentle Version 0.10.1. It's the recommended version as it is the latest and most stable. But it is not backward compatible with OS X versions preceding Sierra.
    • Gentle version 0.9.1 about104mb. It's bugging in the alignment of the transcription. But compatible with earlier version of Mac Os X. Download this only if you don't have OS X sierra and don't intend to upgrade your OS any time soon.
  • 2.Start the Gentle app, double click on it.
  • 3.ClickEnable full transcription, this will download the language model component to be able to work offline.


  • 4.restart the app
  • 5.the Gentle server is now up and running.

Future times, you just need to launch gentle anche check local host is working.

Launching Gentle’s local server

If you already done the initial setup downloading the language model as described above, all you need to do when using gentle is click open in browser.


This will open your default browser with this page, and this means the Gentle server is running locally. The address should be http://localhost:8765.


Now you are ready to chose Gentle as an option when adding a new transcription. Go back to the user manual to continue.

Sign up to the mailing list, follow on twitter and/or facebook to keep up to date with the latest releases. Say hi at [email protected], always curious to hear what autoEdit is helping you with. it's free and open source. Free as in free speech as well as in free beer. Help support the autoEdit project to keep it that way. Support will go towards fixing bugs, adding features, provide support for users etc...

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