🔪✅⬇️ (Annotations models) // Blaine Cook, Condé Nast


  • Killing Markdown
  • GML (written in1969), an IBM project to write text into files for computers to display in a better formatted style
  • GML gave birth to SGML, which gave birth to HTML and XML
  • “Our tools were based on presumptions that simply were not true anymore”
  • "Content is not hierarchical"
  • Can we come up with a better mental model for thinking about content?
  • We can write code that does this but it's not reproducible.
  • Example of manually edited document: The "content" is the printed material and the notes taken over in pen fit in … where?
  • JSON, content, annotations: “Contents” distinct from “annotations” in JSON format.
    • Here’s a simplified version:
    contents: “Main text document goes here etc etc etc”,
    annotations: [
        { position: 4, text: “Change this” }
        { position: 12, text: “I like this” }
  • Theoretically possible for transcript/audio data too. Not a standard format – ”I’m allergic to standards” Even the format Blaine showed on screen is “massively simplified”

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