Object-based Broadcasting: A Brief Overview //Chris Baume , BBC R&D


  • http://slides.com/chrisbaume/textav-obb

  • What is object based broadcasting?!

  • Traditionally, take bits, linear media, people get the same thing on their device.
  • Object based is made in the same way but there's a collection of media objects and metadata put together into a program and sent out, device-specific.
    • Object = Media + Metadata
  • The devices mix it up individually!
  • This creates personal, interactive, immersive experiences (3D audio panning) and also accessible by removing background noise and helping people who are hard of hearing
  • Challenges: Technically tricky, lots of things to manage, and producers aren't confident
  • Example: 5 live Football Experiment ( http://www.bbc.co.uk/rd/blog/2013-05-5-live-football-experiment )
  • Example: Forecaster, object-based weather report ( http://www.bbc.co.uk/rd/blog/2015-11-forecaster-our-experimental-object-based-weather-forecast )
  • Different layouts, high contrast background version, other interesting things.
  • Related: https://github.com/bbc/videocontext
  • Example: Response Radio, a variable-length radio program. Set the length and the program gets remixed to that length. Graph and story created with individual audio objects, linking relationships. Each can be labeled with characters, etc.
  • IRL looks like a lot of paper on a wall Example: SqueezeBox ( http://www.bbc.co.uk/rd/projects/squeezebox )
  • Solves BBC World News problem of broadcasting to different countries but having to deal with filling in ad breaks that are not the same, so they needed also a variable length video generator.
  • Cuts up a video in different scenes, different levels of importance.
  • Example: C.A.K.E.(cook-along kitchen experience): object-based cooking show. "15 minute meals" can be realistically achieved. Remove ingredients you are allergic to, etc.
  • Example: The Mermaid's Tears: radio drama with ability to choose different characters.
  • Another project: ORPHEUS (Object-based audio experience). (https://orpheus-audio.eu) Object-based Media Toolkit. Creating, recording, providing experience.
  • Question: How much can be automated? Answer: "It's… very manual."

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