FrameTrail // Joscha Jäger, Open HyperVideo


  • FrameTrail // Joscha Jäger, Open Hypervideo [Slides]
  • Experience, manage, and edit interactive video
  • "Like an IDE for film" -- "at this point in time, I want this snippet to be executed"
  • Open source, of course!
  • Two use cases:
    • Annotating German Parliamentary debates
    • Connecting relevant document sets with video recordings
  • Web annotation data model (JSON LD) file format
  • To be released at the end of August
  • Open source web documentary “Field Trip”
  • Attempt to do all post-production in-browser
  • Expected release October 2018
  • Q: What problems have you encountered when using JSON LD?
    • Some strange decisions in format spec, e.g. timestamps are represented as strings
    • A lot of repeated information within a single file

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