"You Say 'Tomato', I say 'Tomato' ", lessons learnt from the Palestinian Remix // Laurian Gridinoc, Hyperaud.io


  • Project : http://PalestineRemix.com 20 documentaries in 4 languages (English, Arabic, Hebrew, Bosnian) - Based on Hyperaud.io technology.

  • When people say that they have transcripts they may not have them in the format that you need.

  • Getting transcripts in a word document… in tables…??? Built a tool with a vertical timeline, each paragraph with tabs for each language.

  • Helped by QCRI who use Kaldi and have a very good arabic language model.

  • To deal with hardcoded subtitles: Duplicate video and in javascript canvas, frame-by-frame matching looking for changes in the subtitles, and send it to tesseract server-side with English back (with bad spelling because hard to do).

  • “One night I managed to write something terrifying like this …”

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