PopUp Archive & Audiosear.ch, search API for podcasts // Bailey Smith, PopUp Archive


  • Make audio searchable!
  • PopUp Archive came first, and now Audiosear.ch People come to them with content, so that is what POpUp Archive is used for. Download files, get SRT (if WebVTT), and if public, back up at Internet Archive. Audiosear.ch is a full text podcast search API, importing and transcribing tons of podcasts all the time and making it available via API and extracting entities, keywords, topic clustering
  • Topic clustering via machine learning -- put them in "unsupervised training buckets" Cultural analysis -- what do people on the internet think about this?
  • Thinking about features as "Will this bring more people to the podcast table?"
  • Searching within the text to find exactly where a keyword is mentioned
  • Experimental Twitter videos – clips from podcasts with transcripts (because Twitter mutes video by default) https://twitter.com/audiosearchfm/status/856615409922957312
  • Categorize podcasts by language type / topics (e.g. colloquial, politics, NSFW, relationships) and plot on scatter charts
  • API: https://www.audiosear.ch/docs

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